MMC Controllers:

Modular Controllers

MMC Modules come in Single and 3-Axis forms. All Modules can be connected together for instant multi-axis capability.

Communication for Programming is done through the left most controller in the system and all connected axes appear as resources within Snap2MotionŽ. As such, any axis can be programmed on its own, but when connected together, the system operates seamlessly as a multi-axis system.

MMC-T Datasheet

MMC-3T Datasheet

MAC Controllers:

Fixed Axis Count Controllers

MAC Controllers are fixed axis count controllers that can control mixed motor axis types and with many extensibility options available.

Axis configuration is in pairs and modules can be connected together via high-speed communication such that complex coordination of over 100 axes is possible.

MAC Datasheet




ModuSystems Stepper Motors

Sizes from NEMA 8 - NEMA 42

Custom & Pancake Styles Available

Stepper Motors Catalog

Power Supplies :

ModuSystems Universal Input (90-264VAC) AC to DC Power Supplies.

All Supplies provide either 24VDC or 48VDC outputs and are Din Rail Mountable.

Case Style Supplies are not stocked but are available upon request.

Power Supplies Datasheet

Joysticks :

2, 3, and 3-Axis with Push Button Joysticks 

Both Desktop and Panel Mount versions available. Desktop versions include M12 Circular Connector and cable.

All Joysticks are designed to be fully compatible with all ModuSystems Controller Products.

Joysticks Datasheet


Actuators & Stages:


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