Motion Control Systems
Single & Multi-Axis Motion Control and I/O Control Systems

OEM Custom Controllers

Optimize Cost by Specifying Only What the Application Requires

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Modular Intuitive Motion Controls

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Drag/Drop/Edit Blocks and/or Text Based Options

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Modular Expandability
Add Axis by Snapping Modules Together

Fundamental Flexibility in Control

What if you didn’t need to know how to program in order to make a complex Motion Control system achieve performance goals? In truth, most “easy” to program solutions today are either extremely limited in functionality or simplified in such a way as to reduce all flexibility in solving problems. Unfortunately, real problems are PROBLEMS and need real solutions that are both flexible enough to solve challenging requirements and easy enough to configure and modify that mulitple skill level employees can accomplish the task. ModuSystems achieves high level / coordinated machine control in package that is both extensible and accessible.


Easy Programming
No Prior Programming Experience Necessary


Servo Motors and Stepper Motors

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Linear and Rotary Stages

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Power Supplies, Cables, Joysticks, etc.

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Configured Motion Control Systems
Gantry Systems & Frames, Control Panels, Custom Robotic Designs, etc.
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