ModuSystems was founded in March 2014 with a goal of creating an easier way to implement everything from simple to complex motion control solutions.  Core to ModuSystems Products are Modular Based Controls and Easy to Use Block Based Programming.  In order to not limit the controller capabilities, the availability of text based programming was also made available for the advanced user.

In addition to Controls, ModuSystems designs and builds Unique Mechanical Motion Solutions.  Heavy emphasis in this area is in designing solutions that solve conventional problems in an unconventional way which adds value for the customer that cannot be attained via existing solutions.

Our management team has over 50 years experience in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Controls Design as well as Systems Design and Specification.



ModuSystems was founded on the premise that Motion Control Solutions should be Modular in nature, Flexible in Problem Solving and Accessible to a wide variety of Ability Levels

MODULAR – having parts that can be connected or combined in different ways

FLEXIBLE – easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions

ACCESSIBLE – easy to approach, use, or understand



Control Systems – Single & Multi-Axis Motion Control and I/O Control Systems

Unique Mechanics – Conventional Motion by Unconventional Means

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