Dual Axis Stepper Motor Drive Controller


The BLC-2T is a Dual Axis Modular Stepper Motor Controller with Integrated Amplifiers most appropriates sized to drive smaller stepper motors (NEMA 06 through NEMA 23).

The BLC family of controllers were designed to be a Cost Effective OEM solution for Motion & Machine Control. Each Module has 2-axes that are internally coordinated; but with the dual RS232 serial ports, multiple units can be daisy chained together for higher axis count applications. All axes are detected and their resources are available during programming without needing to connect to each unit individually.

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Key Features

  • Two Axis Stepper Motor Controller & Driver
  • 12-24Vdc Input, 2A Output Per Motor
  • Microstepping at 256 mSteps/Full Step
  • (8) Digital Inputs
  • (6) Digital Outputs
  • (3) 16-bit Analog Input
  • (1) 12-bit Analog Output
  • Single Ended or Differential Encoder Inputs
  • Closed Loop Control of a Stepper
  • Can be Configured in Snap2Motion as a Remote Axis to any other ModuSystems Controller
  • USB and Serial Communication

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