New CUB Control Hub Extends Snap2Motion Benefits to Third-Party Devices

When it comes to industrial motion control, you don’t have to be a programming whiz. Our Snap2Motion® software uses pre-configured building blocks that you can use on their own or in conjunction with new blocks you create, making programming quick and easy.

We’re excited to announce this software is no longer limited to ModuSystems products. With our new CUB controller hub, you can now apply the Snap2Motion programming language to third-party devices, enabling you to program other manufacturers’ controllers with ease.

What is Snap2Motion?

Snap2Motion software was inspired by Scratch, a block-based visual programming language developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Labs to teach the fundamentals of programming. Snap2Motion implements a similar approach and applies this building-block language to industrial motion control. Our software offers a wide variety of pre-configured building blocks and also gives users the flexibility to create their own.

Program Third-Party Devices With Ease

Our new CUB controller hub extends these functions and benefits to third-party devices. For example, if you’re working with motors from Moog Animatics, you no longer have to worry about learning the Moog Animatics programming language. With the CUB controller hub, you can simply program the motors using Snap2Motion software. As a result, you end up saving many long, arduous hours of development time. You also don’t have to learn a new or complicated programming language or look up commands in a 300-page manual.

Key features of our new CUB controller include the following:

  • DB-9 serial or CANopen connection
  • Programmed via USB
  • Standalone or PC-directed control
  • 5-48 VDC input
  • Integrated green “heartbeat” LED
  • Available yellow user-defined LED
  • I/O expansion available

To learn more about the features and benefits of our CUB controller hub, visit our product page.

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