Simplify Motion Control With New IMC Series of Integrated Stepper Motors

At ModuSystems, our goal is to help you implement simple to complex motion control solutions using modular-based control systems and a block- or text-based programming language. One of our newest product families utilizes both.

Our Integrated Motion Controller (IMC) Series of integrated stepper motors with built-in controllers and amplifiers enables you to get a motion control system up and running quickly — reducing wiring and setup time and eliminating panel space.

About the IMC Series

Our IMC Series consists of NEMA 23 single-, double- and triple-stack stepper motors, along with integrated drives and controllers. You can easily program each module independently using our Snap2Motion® software, which utilizes a user-friendly block- or text-based programming language for easy configuration and commissioning. This software offers a wide variety of pre-configured building blocks for IMC modules and also gives you the flexibility to create your own.

For multi-axis systems, you can also daisy chain IMC modules using the RS-485 standard, enabling the creation of a single, coordinated system that you can program and control from a single interface.

Other notable features of the IMC Series include:

  • 12-48 V DC input and 4 amp output
  • Microstepping: 256 microsteps/full step
  • Three digital inputs: 5-24 V
  • Three digital outputs: 5-24 V
  • 16-bit analog input
  • 5-V dedicated output
  • Closed-loop stepper control
  • Integrated status LED
  • Single (IMC-231R), double (IMC-232R) and triple (IMC-233R) stack options

To learn more about our new IMC family of integrated stepper motors, controllers and drives, please visit our product page.

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