Key Features

  • Mix & Match Servo & Stepper Axes
  • 2-16 Axes Coordinated Control
  • Multi-Tasking (64 Concurrent Threads)
  • (18) 24V General Purpose Inputs
  • (8) 24V, 1A Sourcing Outputs
  • Dedicated E-Stop Input
  • Dual Encoders up to 8 MHz
  • Optional Integrated Amplifiers
  • Option Slot for Additional Axes or I/O


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The MAC Fixed Axis Count Multi-Axis Motion and Machine Controllers are ModuSystems’ highest performance products. Whether the application is simple point-to-point motion, complex linear or circular interpolation, or even customizable Robot Kinematics; the MAC controllers are up to the task.

MAC Controllers are suited to High Axis Count and Coordination Applications. Utilizing the latest control architecture and proprietary Real Time Operating System (RTOS), ModuSystems is able to achieve update rates that allow even the most complex coordinated motion to be handled with ease.

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