XYZ Gantry System


XX’YZ Belt Driven Gantry Solution:

  • XX’ Max Travel = 5800mm
  • Y Max Travel = 1500mm
  • Z Max Travel = 500mm

(System Includes Lineshaft, Cable Tracks, and all Connecting Elements – Does NOT include Gearboxes, Motor Mounts, or Motors -> Contact Modusystems for Proper Motor/Gearbox Sizing and Selection)

  • Max Payload on Z is dependent on Payload Mass and Induced Moment Loading based on Speed and Acceleration:
    • Slow Speeds (<6 in/sec) and Accel (~0.05g) = 100 lbs
    • Moderate Speeds (<18 in/sec) and Accel (~0.1g) = 50 lbs
    • High Speeds (>18 in/sec) and Accel (~0.5g) = 25 lbs
  • Max Speed with Light Payload (<25 lbs) = 75 in/sec

More Gantry Sizes and Stroke Lengths are Available – Please Contact ModuSystems to Configure


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